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How can I change the appearance of the 6dof controllers?


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How can I change the appearance of the 6dof controllers?
(while still keeping the button visualizations enabled by using WaveVR_ControllerLoader)

Our app uses sparse lighting for a more mystical atmosphere,
and ideally we would like to tweak the appearance controllers
to make them darker. I managed to do that easily for the 3dof focus
controller (by changing the texture inside the sdk), However I
was not able to do the same for the new 6dof Focus Plus controllers.
(I found and changed 2 textures, but the appearance don't seem to change)

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Hi  ,


WaveVR_ControllerLoader is defined to show controller model designed by controller device provider.

The visualization of model is defined by native service, so we don’t have chance to replace.


If developer wants to use customized controller for their appearance, he/she should not use WaveVR_ControllerLoader.

Suggest to follow below steps:

  1. Create a gameobject and add WaveVR_PoseTrackerManager script to have pose/connection status of controller.
  2. Create a sub-gameobject to show their appearance.
  3. Create a sub-gameobject and add WaveVR_Beam script to show ray.
  4. Create a sub-gameobject and add WaveVR_ControllerPointer to interact with other gameobject.
  5. Add WaveVR_SetAsEventSystemController script.

You can refer to generic model as below picture.


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