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Some feedback from first time user


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* It is a bit confusing to look at the SDK overview as a new user
- there are multiple scripts doing the same things for different SDK versions
- it's not clear which scripts are "core", and which are built on top of "core"


* I used Camera.main for a number of things, it took a while to debug and understand
it is not possible to use Camera.main with WaveSDK, and I then had to make a new
global wrapper class for all usage of Camera.main.

* I was not able to log using Debug.log()/adb logcat on the device
(not even with a development build)

* I ended up using:
- Input: WaveVR_Controller.Input(...).GetPress...
- Display controllers: WaveVR_ControllerLoader
- Controller Transforms: WaveVR_Controller.Input(...).transform
- Camera Transform: WaveVR_InputModuleManager.Instance.gameObject
- prefabs: [WaveVR], WaveVR_ButtonList, WaveVR


* I think there is a bug in the WaveVR_ControllerLoader script,
hiding the beam works for the 6dof Focus Plus controller,
but it fails for the 3dof controller on Focus.

(I already have a customized beam, so I don't want to have a second one)


* I tried the simulator but concluded it mostly runs in the editor
and did not help me with any of the issues I had running on the device

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 Would you like to try Vive Input Utility(Unity Asset store)?


For debug log, VIVE Focus/Focus Plus DEBUG log is not enabled by default.

Please refer to below link to enable the DEBUG log.


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Hi  ,


Please refer to our comments for your questions below.

We're sorry it's not possible to use Camera.main with WaveSDK.

You can refer below explanations for detail.

If you need to use log in Unity, please use below command to enable.

adb shell setprop log.tag.Unity DEBUG


And there is no switch emitter in one Finch 3Dof controller.


If you need to set hide beam, please refer below


And set ShowBeam to false.


Please copy HidePointer () function from Samples/MotionController_Test/Scripts/MotionControllerTest.cs,

and replace WaveVR_ControllerPointer as WaveVR_Beam.

Here is the sample for Wave_Beam:


The Direct Preview Alpha version will be coming in SDK 3.1.0 for Unity first, then you can see the preview directly from HMD. 


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