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Instructions on how to activate Viveport Infinity subscription on Vive Focus


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Dear Viveport Team,
I've been trying to find a way to use Viveport Infinity subscription on my Vive Focus for a while now and with no success unfortunately. I know that it is possible at least from this youtube video
As you can see there is a Viveport Infinity sign in his Vive Focus. Mine does not have one. I have the latest version installed as of now, which is 1.69.1405.3. Or at least when I press to check for updates the system says I have the latest version. I checked all the possible sources online but there are no instructions on how to use Viveport Infinity subscription on your Vive Focus. The only thing I tend to find is how to set notifications from your phone on Vive Focus. But that is not even remotely what I need. Even though I tried that too. So, I would really appreciate if you could kindly send instructions on how to bring to and use this Viveport Infinity subscription on Vive Focus.
Kind regards,
I have already emailed this message to customerservice@viveport.com and enterprise_support@htc.com
Haven't heard back yet but decided to duplicate the message here as I am in a bit of an urge to make it work. Would really appreciate the help. Thanks!
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 - I see your ticket in the Viveport system (customerservice@viveport.com) and have assigned it to someone who can assist you. 

Please bear in mind that Focus is considered an enterprise product whereas subscription is a consumer-facing product that's primarily geared towards desktop. The Wave ecosystem will see a ton of onboarding in the coming months but the mobile store is still a WIP as the consumer push is occuring currently in the backend.  

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