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Audio Problems


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Hello I have tried to look fix for my audio problem for some time now and non of those has not worked to my problem. I didn't realise it first when playing beat saber but then where sound comes in multiple direction I realized and started to investigate and this is what I found out.
When putting sound on Right Or Left channel it plays it in both earphones same time, But when I but it in Center channel it nearly can be heard at all it even at full power.
No matter is it on USB- or HDMI- or even in DP-port
USB and main speakers shows balance as L & R
HDMI and DP-port as 1 & 2
Sound's still works fine when comming out mirroring to pc's main speakers

My system is

WIN 10
AMD FX 8120 8-Core @3.4Ghz

GTX 1060 3Gb

RAM 16Gb
(if that helps at all)
My VR is VIVE + Deluxe strap

Thanks for giving your time for this

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Playback device is currently HTV-VIVE (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)
Record device is HTC-VIVE Mic (5-USB Audio Device)
Mirror audio device is Main Speakers (Highg Definition Audio)

Drivers I don't know how to check

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NVIDIA Drivers update automaticly every night if there is update and checked that and no updates found.
No matter if mirrorring is on or off.
Tried every compination off channels and results is still the same (main speakers OK, VIVE problems).

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3.5mm 5m Extension audio cord.
it works for now to get both audio channels to work like it should.
But it's all the time tangled when playingh games where need to turn around a lot.
it's even better to tangle than on vive 3 in 1 cord maybe because it's really flexable.
But it works till I find better solution

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The Audio problem what I told in the first post.
Left and Right sounds are compined and center sounds muted when using built in audio plug.
When using Extension cord, audio works like it should. But leaves anoying cable to tangle.

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