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So i've had my vive since they first came out and love the games so far but was playing my old gameboy with the pokemon blue cartridge and thought to myself why hasn't anyone come out with a vr pokemon game like the old school games or pokemon go where you walk around like in google maps but pokemon . You would have to throw the pokeballs and actually hit the pokemon you wanna catch and all that , maybe play as ashe's pokemon when there is a fight it goes to first person with attact options or more like a veiw of you as ashe and the track pad has different attacks on it .  I know there's like copy right stuff and all that legal stuff to take care of but **bleep** if someone could make this game happen I feel like it would catch on really quick and have a huge following . Would love to hear some other people's idea's about it ! :)  



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, The simple answer is that licensing for high-profile IP like Pokemon is extremely complicated, corporate, and expensive. The ecosystem will likely need to mature, add userbase, and see wider access to hardware before you see top brands like Pokemon release official content in the vein that you've described.


Everything is in place from a hardware and software development ecosystem standpoint to make something like this happen; it's more of question of how and when the transition to VR will occur for different IPs. That transition speed will be directly affected by who owns the IP, how that IP fits into their catalog, and the IP holder's XR specific strategy and partnerships. Pokemon IP moves alot of hardware units for Nintendo which makes it one of the trickier edge cases within VR, especially as Nintendo has some level of ownership in TPC. 

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