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HTC vive (non-pro) HMDA drivers issue


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Since the last windows 10 updates i'm getting HMDA drivers issue.


Installed a fresh Wireless adapter drivers, latest nvidia drivers 430.86 . All windows update are done.

Headset got a red light on it.

What can i do next ?  ( tried a manual research for those drivers ..) nothing .

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I know this is an OLD post but I wanted to have it somewhere so others that ran into the same issue you did and I did with the VIVE Pro, but I'm sure the same thing applies to the Vive (or very similar).

Here is what fixed my issue with my headset.

Inside of Steam VR I used the Developer option to remove all USB drivers.

I uninstalled ALL HTC Vive software including the wireless software.


Uninstalled Steam VR.

Connected the headset WITH the cable and followed the process of installing as if it was a totally new install.

Once the headset was working with the cable, I installed the wireless software.

Unplugged the cable and switched over to wireless and rebooted.

Once I did all that the headset now works with the wireless connection.


I'm sure you found your answer but you were the ONLY person on the net I could fins with a similar issue as I had. I wanted to post to have an answer with your question.

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