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Unable to open. Check external preferences when opening finger tracking in unity

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Okay so I am relatively new to the vr world. I have all the software downloaded for my vive pro, I have downloaded the finger tracking SDK for unity, I have downloaded unity and opened up a new 3d project and changed the player setting to the vr compatibility and then I go to assets and custom packages and open up the unity vive finger tracking SDK package and load it into unity. After that the box with all the selected check Mark's for the plugin comes up and I press ok and when I try to open it up it doesnt open and says I need to check the external preferences. Again I'm new to this but I figured it would work. And once everything is uploaded will I be able to implement this into my existing games like blade and sorcery? Just need to know. Thanks

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I think you have encountered problem when you tried to import the unity package. Below is a general step to use Vive Hand Tracking plugin on Vive Pro with Unity.


1. Install SteamVR and run room setup. Please also follow this guide to enable camera in SteamVR and upgrade your GPU driver if needed.

2. Create a new project in Unity with 3D template.

3. In XRsettings in player settings, enable virtual reality support and make sure OpenVR is the first in the list.

4. Download Vive Hand Tracking plugin from download page and extract the zip file.

5. Import the package from Unity menu: Assets - Import Package - Custom Package ... - Select Vive Hand Tracking Unity.unitypackage in the open dialog.

6. Unity will start unpacking the package and prompts you a dialog which lists all the files. Click Import button to import all the files.

7. Open sample scene in ViveHandTracking/Sample/Sample.unity.

8. You can now press the play button. Please note that when first run on each machine, it may take 30-60 seconds before the hand is shown up.

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