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SteamVR Home with Headset Mirror


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Hello, I just bought a Vive Pro and so far everything has been great. I have had one minor issue, currently when I mirror my headset display to the desktop it works for everything except SteamVR Home. The headset renders SteamVR Home just fine and the Headset Mirror shows up on my desktop but the desktop display seems to have a refresh rate of about 1 frame per minute. It's similar to a slideshow. What I've tried so far is the following:


• Updated all my device drivers


• Restarted Computer & SteamVR


• Updated my Graphics Driver


• Removed steamvr.vrsettings file and restarted SteamVR Home


Has anyone else had an issue with this or have a solution? Thanks!

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 - You'd probably want to post this to the SteamVR discussion group - SteamVR home is made and maintained soley by Valve and they provide support for it as the author. Myself and may others around Vive disable SteamVR Home on our workstations to keep everything as barebones and fast as possible; SteamVR home beta is not our area of expertise and our recommendation would be to disable if it impacts your UX or causes you to have to troubleshoot while launching a ticket with Steam support. 

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