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Out of Boundary error on vive focus


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I had sold my headset on ebay to someone and hard reset the device

Today i recieved an email from the seller mentioning that it was working for half an hour, then started giving the "out of boundary" error mesage on the screen.  He mentioned he removed the headset and put it back on, but it was occuring again...   He even hard reset the device


Is there any additional advise i can give him?  I advised him to turn off boundary, but that is not really a fix if he wants to keep that two metre boundary

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I have reminded the person to try it in another room away from reflections, darkness or other things that may cause issues this morning  (After he submitted a refund/return request....)  Will await to hear from him..


I am sure its user error and unlikely to be damage during transit as he did mention it worked for 30 minutes and then the problems occured..  and also that it works sometimes, and gives the errors as well, hence i assume its lighting condition related.

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Ok. I recieved the item back from ebay.  It worked perfectly and had none of the tracking issues that the buyer mentioned it had (I was right about user error/buyer dissatisfaction from the device).    Issued refund today.


Will not sell on ebay again i think.  Any person can return an item by describing it as "faulty" when its not the case and totally powerless to do anything about it.. have to accept the return and give the refund unless willing to take the hit on credit rating and minus balance on paypal + debt collector galore etc. no thanks.    Should get my paypal fee's back too, so overall even though i spent £11 on postage (sending it) and £4 on the return label, i should get £10 of fees back in paypal, which results me being £5 out of pocket...

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