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walking around the scene


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 - Are you getting an out of bounds error while inside of the 2x2 meter safe space or when you step outside of the boundaries of the 2x2 meter safe space? If while inside the 2x2 meter area, it may indicate tracking loss due to lighting conditions or lack of point features in the environment. 


The Focus generates a 2x2 meter safe space centered around the point the HMD was initialized at (when the HMD's proximity sensor detects a user). You can disable the safe space w/ developer mode activated under Settings -> Headset and Space -> Safety Virtual wall. 

on the process. This enables what is generically known as "WorldScale" tracking. 
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so i found solution to walking around the scene. you do this by, in vive focus settings

got to setting -> headset and space -> safety virtual wall 

disable this feature or you can find a example scene called " PoseTracked_test" there they are forcing the arena visibility to "off" and "on" or auto

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