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Vive 2.0 and 1.0 same headset


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Hello, i have a vive pro headset and 1 working 1.0 base station, i was wondering if i could simply add a valve index 2.0 station or a htc 2.0 station to have a single 1.0 station, and a 2.0 station on the same headset so my tracking will stop cutting out

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You cannot hybridize 1.0 and 2.0 tracking in the same playspace - the sync flash on the 1.0 stations will conflict with the 2.0 stations signaling and tracking will break altogether if you attempt to use both systems in the same line of sight.


HTC doesn't make 2.0 stations - we resell ones that Valve manufacturers (if you check the 2.0 station, you'll see it's Valve branded). We're not authorized to sell individual stations currently but Valve has official launched sales of the 2.0 stations today (order page). You'd unfortunately need at least two of them to get good roomscale though so it is an investment for sure. 


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