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Viveport Racket Fury Table Tennis is much older version, missing Rift Support


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 - I've flagged our content operations team about your post for follow up with the developer/publisher. Platforms like Steam and Viveport are self-submission platforms, developers submit updates to us and then we publish and distribute it after a QA pass and thus the build published on the store is the latest that's been provided to us. In some cases, store based SDK features will vary by platform. 

When you say "full Oculus support" - what are you referring to? Oculus SDK Native support or are you encountering issues launching the title via SteamVR?

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 - Following up on your post - we reached out the developers of Racket Fury to inquire about the version differential that you've flagged. They report that they're currently wrapping up work on an updated cross-platform build and they've stated that they will push an updated Viveport build as part of that build's release cycle. 

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