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vive focus - questions


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I have recently recieved back my vive focus after an ebayer decided to return it as faulty (even though i tested it throughly and it works perfectly) I have some questions about the future of the device..
I have the chinese consumer model of the vive focus on the latest firmware.  Are there any firmware updates planned for this device?  If so, what additional functionality/optimisations are planned for it
Secondly, I noticed there was an update to the vive video application recently,  again i have issues with displaying 180 degree 4k videos in 3d (even if i select 180 side by side mode, they appear rendered correctly but only displayed as mono...   moon video player and the non updated version of vive video plays them fine displaying them in 3D.  Any possible reasons for this?  I have mentioned that this was an issue with a previous vive video update too.
Thirdly, the 60hz mode..  I know the vive focus displays at a fixed refresh rate (75hz).  but devices such as the oculus go can switch between 60 and 72hz and a future update is planned for the oculus quest that will be able to do 60hz too.   Is there anything in the pipeline for 60hz mode? (this would result in 60fps videos displaying silky smooth on the device)
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