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MA USB Host pal code 37 windows 7


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Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware. PLEASE FIX


Headset not detected.


Brand new Windows 7 SP1 gaming machine Intel specifically read forums so it would work with Vive.

I don't want to use Windows 10 it's invasive and forces updates even with registry hacks and special software. I am a Windows 7 user and the site promises this works with Windows 7. I have dropped a lot of money on Vive just for this to use Vive Pro in a large space.


Please fix, can do teamviewer, can pay your devs, just fix it.


System log

sendspace com/file/il4jg4

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How do I install that? The Vive Pro works if wired and all other drivers seem to be working so what driver do I even replace with that? It's only the Wireless PCI cards communication to Host Pal Hub that fails. How would I install the driver you sent and which device replace?

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I see. I didn't realize you were using wireless based on your post. I've got a solution that may work for you. Just to check though, you are online and you're whitelisting the wireless application, yes? You're not using an offline version of SteamVR?

Thank you,
-Jack S

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The computer is completely new gaming Windows 7 computer. I don't run any antivirus software and there is nothing interfering with the program. SteamVR was installed, I have tested wired and it worked fine. So then I followed the steps exactly to install Wireless. The PCI slot clearly works because it CAN pair to the wireless headset. It only gives that error code 37 for the pal driver and then it wont initialize the driver and then it tells me in Vive Wireless app that it cannot detect the headset. The SteamVR is online and nothing out of the ordinary has been done.

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