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Vive Pro inquiry.


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There are several years worth of models for this laptop - I assume you mean the 2019 version. This spec page says that the USB-C port supports DP signaling but doesn't state which standard (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, ect). I would formally recommend that you contact MSI and ask them if the port on your specific model is A) Connected to the dedicated GPU and not just the onboard graphs & B) That it can support DP 1.2+. Alot of budget laptops save on build costs by keeping the USB-C port wiring simplified. That said, I think there's a good shot it will work based on their specs page. 


Here is a USB-C -> DP adapter that we've tested and have confirmed works with Pro. I'd recommend using this solution since it's proven to be reliable. I unfortunately don't know off of the top of my head of any direct USB-C to MiniDP cables that we've directly tested. We've tried some USB-C -> MiniDP adapters but I don't think we've directly tested cables. 


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