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HTC Vive Controller System and Trigger button issues


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Good Afternoon, i opened a ticket with STEAM as well but i wanted to post this in hopes that someone out there knows how to work this issue. 

Ok, Here goes. T/S with HTC Vive 6 chat support techs over 6 hours.
The Issue: my HTC Vive Controllers button mappings are wrong. trigger press on one does nothing, system button acts as trigger but also performs a screen shot. in some games and doesnt work at all in others. In steamVR home, i can bring up the paint tool and triggers both work fine. It is 100% software or firemware issue. One more symptom i noticed was when i run room setup, the step involving pointing at the monitor instantly fills up without me pressing the trigger button.

T/S steps so far: reset controllers, ran as admin both steamVR and Steam itself, removed all power to pc and link box for a few minutes and restarted, reinstalled SteamVR, reinstalled steam itself, uninstalled bluetooth device, unplugged all other controllers/steering wheels/etc, sent system report to chat support, ran multiple malware products just in case, tried changing button mapping.

I even installed my vive on another PC but the problem followed the vive.

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Well, not exactly. I never tried to map the buttons to other buttons, they just stopped being tied to the correct button mapping. i dont know why. I was using a PS4 and thrustmaster t150 steering wheel a bunch the day it stopped working. I read a couple places that it might affect the controllers, but in those cases, the reset controller or pc restart seemed to work.


Reflashed... yes, i definitly want to do that. I opened a ticket with steam support but they havent got back to me. i think its the actual controllers themselves anyway.

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Just in case anyone sees this thread and has a similar issue with a controller, it eventually came down to sending the controller back to vive with the warranty (mine was out of warranty so i replaced it rather than pay the fee) .


The vive chat support was fantastic though and i was surprised the level of service they provided.

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