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Lighthouse Location

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Hello everyone,


I have just bought the HTC vive and I was wondering about the Lighthouse locations. Would it be possible to put the lighthouses on the two walls directly opposite each other? Do the lighthouses need to be across from each other diagonally in the corners or can they be in the middle of the walls directly facing each other from across the room?



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They can be directly opposite each other. But tracking works best if at diagonals. Basically, think of them like Laser shotguns shooting out light rays.. if they are directly opposite each other on your sides.. the front and back tracking won't be 100% perfect because it can be obscured. You also want them to bathe you in the light rays, so it is important that they are far enough apart and aimed a bit down so they can catch the controllers wherever they go. But the headsets and controllers, etc.. are pretty good at tracking even when obscured for short periods.. so I would bet you'll have no issues. 

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@RandomGuyPlaysVR - ^ Pretty much what they said. You want them opposite of each other so that you have 360 tracking without blind spots. If using optical sync, you need them pointed towards each other so they can sync to each other. We recommend a diagonal setup because that's the best way to ensure 360 tracking coverage and achieve the maximum tracked volume that 1.0 stations can support.

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