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Issue with shipping


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I just ordered a vive last thursday I paid extra for 2 day shpping, and well I ended up with 2 day weekday only shipping. At this rate from where it shippied it could been here in 3 days. Basically this turned into 3 day shipping as it left CA on friday made it about 30 minutes away from me, where it is now sitting for entire day today because you guys checked weekday 2 day delivery. I paid 40 extra for shipping know very well from personal experince USPS can mail from CA to my house in average of 3 days.

I paid the 40 to try and get it on monday.  and now I got sit and wait as my package hasn't moved in over 48 hours now because the ETA when you guys gave it to them was Tuesday so now its gonna sit till tomorrow so it will be sitting for almost 3 days street before they actually send it to me. If would known I was paying for 2 day weekday only shipping I would honestly just bought from Amazon paid for prime and got it saturday.

You guys really need to work on the shipping I mean there wasn't any notice that you guys don't pay for saturday shipping. And like I said standard USPS would got here tuesday my delivery date they are sticking to now, but they are holding my package for another day because of the shipping option box you guys checked... Heck if I would known it shipped from CA I would just done standard shipping since I am in Arizona.

Its no fun at all paying 40 bucks to know my vive is just 30 minutes away with traffic 45 from me but I can't get it because I unkowly paid for 2 day weekday only shipping. I mean they still mailed it friday and its been in my area since saturday around noonish, but the computers at warehouse says ETA tuesday so they haven't scheduled it to leave the facilty yet.

I am also upselling vive right now to any one I know who pc games and has money for it. And yeah I am making sure they all know to use amazon shipping. I mean I hate amazon fullfilment shipping as they messed up a couple times but still this is kind of bad experince all stoked to try vr for first time got pals wanting a private demo this week which I offered to try and get them to order their own, and I got be reminded at work as coworkers go "oh suprised you came in today wasn't your vive suppose to be here? I thought you would call out sick" its like no no its just sitting in a warehouse near the freeway I live next to but thanks for pooring salt in my wounds...

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And now I got it and they didn't even ask to sign for it, they just left it on my porch and ran. That is a but ton of money to just leave in plain sight I really didn't enjoy my shipping experince from fed ex one bit on this order. I mean come 500 plus bucks and they just drop it in plain sight, plus they let it sit for almsot 3 days in a warehouse because it was 2 day weekday only shipping so even though it was monday they didn't move it an inch because the ETA was tuesday so it just sat there from saturday till tuesday morning.

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