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Wireless cable length to short - what can i do?


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hope my english isn't so bad. Ok, the wirless adapter ist great, works fine but i have a major problem. the cable length is to short. a normal bnc-cable extension dosn't work. in germany you can only buy male sockets with mother instead of threads as it's mounted on the valve PCIe-card. So i can't extend the cable. I onlye need 1,5 until 2 meters. Has anyone an idea? has anyone an extension in use and can tell me what i have to do?

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- there aren't really reliable options to extend the cable. This is one of the first WiGig products which have come to market and in doing so, it has overcome many of the major barriers with working with the signal type but given how the tech works there isn't any room in the specs for mods as VR is already a very demanding use-case for WiGig.


In short, one of the hardest parts of bringing this to market is the coax cable - it needs to meet very specific criteria to work (signal to noise, latency, impedance, bandwidth (>5gbps)). You can't reliably extend the cable because the additional run of wire acts as an antenna and will pick up environmental RF interference and you blow out your signal to noise ratio. We've made the cable as long as can be reliably supported per the tech's current parameters.


The 2M version of this cable is the only extension the community has reported any measure of success with. It's not 100% reliable and introduces a whole subset of potential troubleshooting scenarios but it does work for some users. We've tested the 19.6ft version  - it's far too long and doesn't work at all.


Overall, this is considered out of the product's use-case as well as it's scope of support. The option I linked is the only one I've seen people report reproducible success with but having tried it firsthand I can say that it isn't as reliable - your results will vary if you decide to attempt this. We'd recommend that you move your PC - it's way easier and more reliable than attempting to modify the system in the majority of cases.

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