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Buying HTC Vive + gaming laptop

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Hi HTC Vivers :)

Since months im trying to put some money apart to buy a gaming laptop and the HTC VIVE headset (the gaming laptop is mostly to make the headset working and not really for playing pc games). But, im bit confused wich laptop should i buy (of course one with VR ready), i was mostly thinking to msi GE with a 8gb GPU RTX2070, but im not too much sure about that. For the htc vive, i realize that the price neve drop since the release of the htc vive, but im wondering if it will drop soon as new vr headset come into the market.

Im open to all of advises!

Thank you so much. 

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- The Vive has actually dropped $200 in price since it's launch.


  - There are far too many laptop SKUs to make individual suggestions. Here's a rough list of general reqs:

  • 20xx laptops are still in early days. If you can afford one, it couldn't hurt but I wouldn't pass over a good deal on a 1070 laptop.
  • You'll need a minimum of a 1070/2060 for Vive Pro
    • If aiming for current gen HMDs (Vive Pro, Index, Rift S, Pixmax, ect...) you need to ensure that it has a MiniDisplayport/USB-C port that can output Displayport 1.2+ signaling. These HMDs require this to function.
    • If VR is your goal - just get one with a dedicated MiniDisplayport so you don't have to worry about compatiblity and adapters and whatnought.
  • Our internal teams primarily use Razers for internal use and MSI laptops for loaners and events. Razers are dope if you can afford them. MSI is a good value option but the build may not suit your needs.
  • A 1060 is fine for the original Vive and will handle most games but not all
  • Avoid the 1050Ti at all costs!!!
  • The GTX1650 is probably good for Vive. We haven't gotten test laptops from OEMs to validate on Vive Pro.
  • Dave2D (David Lee) is my go-to guy for Laptop reviews: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVYamHliCI9rw1tHR1xbkfw
  • If your GPU says "Max-Q" it means that it's less powerful than the desktop version of that card. A 1060 Max-Q for instance is underpowered for VR.
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I'd actually like to pop in a quick personal recommendation for Sager laptops. I don't have first hand experience with the newer models  but I have lots of experience with running AV for large scale concerts and events with this brand. Sager is a a trusted brand in the VJ and lighting world and there's a pretty good chance you've seen concert visuals mixed off a Sager laptop. I was looking at their laptop lines earlier and their 20xx series is surprisingly cheap given their reputation. Something like this seems like it exceeds all of the reqs for VR/Vive Pro and has fantastic specs for the price point.

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