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UE4 add controllers to my already existing pawn


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I've recently purchased a Vive Focus Plus and tried to port a game to it. Managed to deploy it but I have some problems with making the controllers work. At first I tried using only the MotionController Component from unreal and it kind of works, the position of the controller is updated corectly but I can not use the buttons(even if the documentation says they are the MotionController (L) and MotionController® ). After this I've tried adding the controllerloader as stated in the documentation. This just moves my MotionController component to a weird distance from me(a few meters) and the Controller with the pointer is at another location, and that one only gets rotation updates.


Anybody has a better tutorial or example of how I could implement this controllers in an already existing pawn? I only need them to move and be able to press the trigger button.

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