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Vive wireless HMD not working, green lights


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My vive wireless is all installed and the app is connected but when I run steamVR, I get the green light on the HMD but nothing on the screen, just black. I've updated the GPU drivers, still nothing shows up. 


When I run the wireless collect system info, the Graphic Card and Graphic Card Driver show up as Unkown Adapter, Unknown Version.


Pc specs:

CPU: AMD ryzen 2700x

MB: Asus x470 pro

RAM: 16gb

GPU: Powercolor red dragon rx580 8gb

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Wireless has known compatibility issues on AMD Ryzen hardware. If you just purchased your equipment, I would highly recommend returning it for a refund. Unfortunately, we have been unable to resolve the issue due to the complexity of the problem, though testing is ongoing.

Thank you,

-Jack S

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