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Questions about the custom buttons for the controller


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I've been using Autodesk VRED with VIVE for a long time, and sometimes I wanted to customize the button function.
What I want to do is: one controller customizes the function, and the other controller keeps the original function. Because I don't want the touchpad and trigger for the two controllers to have the same functionality. But when I changed the function of one controller with python, the default function of the other handle was disabled.
So, can someone tell me the default function code of the  controller?  Thanks.

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@bababread - I don't have firsthand experience with VRED - where and how are you targeting OpenVR via Python??? Unless you have direct access to binary's source code which enables the OpenVR integration or you have direct access to the Unity/Unreal project, trying to alter functionality via custom middle wear is going to be messy at best.

The best thing to do in a situation where you don't have direct access to the source code or project files is to use SteamVR's input binding tool to customize the per-application bindings. That said, I'm honestly not sure how VRED is rending into the HMD via OpenVR - usually though, you can still rebind any .exe as long as SteamVR can see it.

First you'd want to start VRED, and ensure it's running and that the controllers are both connected. Next, you'd go to SteamVR -> Devices -> Controller Settings. This will bring up the controller binding menu. You should see something like VRED.exe show up on the resulting page under "edit controller bindings". If you click it, it will tell you that it's using the default Vive controller bindings. Hit "create new binding" - configure your custom bindings, and then hit "save personal binding", give it a name, and ensure it's the active binding. In your case, you want to ensure mirrored mode is turned off so left and right controllers both have unique bindings. Bear in mind, that the input must correspond to an existing input that the developer has hard-coded within their build - a binding won't do anything unless the build is coded to support an action for the given binding - this menu effectively lets you map how those virtual bindings correspond to the physical controllers.

I just tested this with a custom app which I'm 100% certain isn't on Steam and it worked fine.


Steam never did detailed documentation for rebinding - this is the extent of their docu: Rebinding "Legacy" games for new controllers




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