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If I would like to do some simple tracking of the HMD, what SDK do I need?


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Rather basic question, but I'm a bit confused! 

Short version: I would like to build a small app that does some very simple 'tracking' of the HMD, what SDK would I need for that?

Longer version: I stream VR games on occasion, and have a camera that show what I'm doing physically to accompany footage of the game. I recently added a second camera to the setup and would like a way to automatically switch between them. There is an OBS plugin which can change scenes on a timer, but I thought it must be possible to go one better.

I'd like to switch camera depending on which direction I'm physically looking. I figure directionality of the HMD must be tracked as a basic necessity for the VR experience. I had a look at the Developer Support page, but of he SDKs listed there it's not obvious which one suits my purpose best.

Minimally, I figure I could work with the (2d) angle of the HMD in a plane / circle, but if I could work with the physical setup I have and set the position of the cameras I have in 3d, that might make things more interesting / useful.

Thanks in advance!

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@bertieb - You'd need to integrate the SteamVR/OpenVR SDK and query the head-pose via OpenVR's APIs. If you're building the app from scratch, you'd specifically need to integrate OpenVR's C++ native libs into your project file. You're not finding these on our site because that layer of the tech stack, specifically SteamVR/OpenVR is owned and managed wholly by Valve.




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