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ViveX Batch 5 application issue

Alex The Parallel

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Hi there,

I am struggling with ViveX (batch 5) submission form. I seem to have submitted this (twice already) and didn't receive any confirmation emails yet. On the portal it doesn't say anything either and if I hit 'edit' my form it prompts me to submit new application from scratch. I have tried to connect with the support team via https://vivex.vive.com/us/vivex-approach/ Still Have Questions? section but it prompts me to email vivex_us@htcvive.com, which doesn't seem to exist as all email I am sending there keep bouncing back to me. 

Does anyone have similar issue and if so how did you manage to resolve it?

Many thanks! 

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@Alex The Parallel - I tried posting to this thread yesterday but it doesn't look my post committed to the sever. I've flagged this post and your experience with the Vive X team and the Vive.com team and will follow up internally with the stakeholders to figure out what's going on. I know that ViveX@htc.com is working and monitored actively.

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I just had the same issue. I recorded my application submission the second time. It does show the Pitch Deck file getting uploaded % in the status of my browser and then it takes me to the application page where I see a 'Edit' button instead of the Apply button. But the edit button does not take me to my application. Instead it presents a blank form.

I hope they can fix it before the last date. Happy to share the video if required.

Btw, I used fazle@wonture.com for my application submission, just in case it helps find the issue.


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