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steamvr desktop not working


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i i had to reinstall my windows and steam and now my system button does not open the steam desktop. i have tried clicking the enable vr dashboard but it doesnt work and i cant even tell if its clicked cause its in night mode and too dark to tell. and i cant get it out of night mode. i have looked through all the settings and nothing is working, though i can still play games i just cant access the steam dashboard

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@msgbubba - I'm honestly extremely confused by your report - this is highly abnormal and I'm not following part of your report. Here are my current thoughts:

  • Perhaps Steam's cloud-save features are carrying over a previous configuration? If it's a SteamVR software issue, this may be why it's surviving the clean install.
    • You could try disabling cloud features for SteamVR via it's properties menu to prevent any API-dependent features.
  • I'm extremely confused by this statement: " i cant even tell if its clicked cause its in night mode and too dark to tell"
    • These features are all accessible via SteamVR -> Settings on your primary monitor. Don't access these via SteamVR but rather just access them via your keyboard, mouse and primary monitor.
    • Both dark mode and enable VR dashboard are desktop UI features, not VR UI features.
    • How are you unable to tell if these options are are aren't selected if you can't access the dashboard in HMD? Night mode?
  • You can verify the controllers are receiving the button input via SteamVR -> Devices -> Controller Configuration -> Test controller. Please run this test and verify each of the two buttons are physically working. The odds of both of them being broke are extremely slim - this is the best way to confirm their functionality.



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