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How can i change what a gesture does?


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I am trying to finish my masters project and this SDK is perfect for it. I was wondering though is there any way to change a gesture so that another action takes place instead of it e.g. use RemoteGrab to teleport but keep everything the same except the outcome(teleport instead of remote grab).

Thank you.


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Hi @Ellen

If you need to write your own code logic for handling teleport based on gesture input. You can disable the remote grab game object, so the same gesture does not trigger remote grab.

You can refer to the HandStateChecker script for triggering actions based on gesture type.

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To change the default touch gestures on your Windows 11 PC, select Start > Settings > Bluetooth & devices >Touchpad. Select Three-finger gestures or Four-finger gestures to change what the swipe gestures do.

When you go to the settings, you'll see a swipe actions button. Tapping will take you to a page where you can change what happens when you swipe either left or right on a message thread. On top, you'll see the setting for swiping right on a thread.

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