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About Bloom & mobile HDR in UE4 (vive SDK 3.1.1 Beta)

Leon Choi

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Hi everyone,

We are  trying to update the wave SDK 3.0.2 to 3.1.1 beta,

The performance is great, fps have increase dramatically.

But we are facing number of challenges:

1, mobile HDR can not be tick, once it is, the game go black screen.

2, base on the problem 1, we can not use Bloom Effect for our work. (any work around?Need this urgently.)

3,arm64 build not working for unknown reason, it packed but cant run on focus plus.

again, great work on 3.1.1 SDK, performance much better!

Looking forward to heard from you, Thanks for the help!


@Tony PH Lin

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Hi @Leon Choi,

After our investigation, we can confirm there will be issue if you both turn on Multiview and HDR at the same time and it will result in a black screen as you mention.

The short-term suggestion is to disable either Multiview or HDR (do not enable these together) to avoid the black screen. Sorry for this inconvenience.

We'll plan to support this condition within a future WaveSDK release.


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