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I want to use a render of my bedroom as a Steam VR home location, is that possible?


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I've got a 3D mock-up of my room made in Sketchup down to millimetre precision, initially as a way to plan cable management and judge how it will look with new furniture dimensions.

Since my room has obstacles like a bed and desk, I thought it would be really cool to have a virtual bedroom that is always consistently placed into virtual reality where it's lined up with real reality. I have plans to permanently affix Home Base stands to something solid in my room, so if I ever take them down and put them back up, they will be in the exact same spots.

With this working, I could make an empty grid-line version, one where the ceiling shows galaxies, or my computer screen taking up the whole wall, or having fish swimming past the window, the wallpaper could change dynamically; maybe the day, night and weather could be consistent with local for-casting. I don't know what the limits would be, I just want to go exploring!


Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

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It's possible but it's definitely a process and it can be hard to achieve 1:1 alignment and scale, especially if the scaling on your model isn't accurate out of your photogrammetry tool or subsequent 3D authoring tools. Here's the documentation on how to create a SteamVR home environment: SteamVR/Environments.

For most people, using one of the four camera pass-thru options within SteamVR -> Settings -> Camera will yield the best workflow for getting their real-world environment represented within SteamVR. Within the last year, SteamVR has added 3 additional camera pass-thru options so it's worth revisiting if you haven't been on that settings page for a while.

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