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Vive Wireless Adapter Battery Won't Work


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My battery will charge correctly and completely with the blinking lights when charging, when I go to use it after only a few minutes of use it cuts the power to the vive and the lights on the battery blink. The continue to blink (without being plugged into the charger or vive) for about 30 minutes to an hour at which point it seems to function normally, but after plugging it back into the vive begins to blink again. The only way to go back is to charge it again up to full then I get a little bit of time. Also sometimes when I leave it plugged in for a little while after it is done charging it will sometimes start blinking then and after I unplug it the blinking will continue. Any ideas?

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@Drysteven If you're using a charging source that's known to work and the battery isn't accepting a charge, it's likely a warranty return/repair situation as Jakey described.

In this case, I would recommend collecting the unit's serial number or your proof of purchase, and navigating to speak to a live chat agent specific to your region via www.vive.com/support -> contact us -> contact us. Tell them that you have a failed wireless battery pack and would like to RMA it under warranty and they'll assist you with getting it swapped out.




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