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Headset and controllers looses tracking / position and "flyes away". Is it normal?


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When i start the VR, all the icons are green, my room setup is good (lighhouses are positioned 2 m up and 5m apart) But when i play sometimes the headset and / or controllers "fly away". For example if i use google tiltbrush the brush stroke suddenly flyes away in a direction. Or the headset flyes away (my vision follow) which makes me feel a bit sick. And Sometimes the right controller is not positioned where my hand is, ie mabye 10 cm to the right of my hand, so i the VR controllers can overlap eachother.
It happens less when i am in the middle of the playing space but still happens.
It´s not all the time but sometiems, often enough for it be quite annoying. Maybe a few minutes apart.

Does anyone else suffer from this? or is it something wrong with my vive?

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Hey , did you have a look at the SteamVR troubleshooting guide? Here's the link to the tracking issues section.


Tracking issues like you're describing can be caused by a variety of issues but they're not usually hardware related, unless it happens consistently (ie every time you use the Vive).


Have you seen your headset display (what you're looking at in VR) go grey for any extended periods? That would indicate a headset tracking issue.


Your playspace sounds big enough, but are there any objects in the room that might reflect? That's a rare issue but could cause this.


Finally you said that it happens less when you're in the middle of your playspace. Are your controllers/head leaving the playspace, perhaps? It's easy to do when you swing your arms. Also, are there specific spots in the room where it's happening more often?

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I had the same problem and wanted to share 2 things that fixed it for me.

It happened because my Vive sensors moved, even if they are fixed on the wall, the small internal vibrations for hours made them slightly move. I noticed that on the morning I left sensors plugged in all night long.


My fix is simple:

- Fix sensors even tighter

- Re-do room scale setup

- Switch them off when not used

- Re-do room scale setup when it flies away again


Additionally, glass and reflective material like screen, phone, tablet are not good in your playground because AFAIU it reflects controllers and headset "lights", duplicating the position elsewhere, confusing the sensors.

I noticed a huge change on a particular spot when I moved my phone away from it :)


Now I can use my Vive for hours with far less problems.



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Excellent tips, !


As an additional note, you can unplug your base stations and leave them powered down with no problems. I leave mine unplugged and plug in when I'm about to get into VR.


(I'm also now looking at the multiple framed, glass-covered pieces of art I have on my walls here and wondering if they're reflecting. Hmm!)

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