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internet speed drops


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@jinrey2 - This is not an error I've heard before. How are you connecting to the internet? Are you using a USB-based WiFi/Ethernet adapter? I'm not aware of any other cases which I could reference which cite this as a issue.

If I had to guess, you launching into VR may be causing some background network usage (such as Steam workshop downloads) which is competing for bandwidth. I'd recommend opening task manager and seeing what your network usage is. Another thought is that you're possibly maxing out your USB or motherboard bandwidth or maxing out your CPU or another resource but overall this is a pretty weird case.

What is your testing protocol? Are you in a blank SteamVR compositor environment? Is your app open when testing? Another guess is that your app is taking up the majority of your 2.5mbit pipe and so your testing protocol may only be capturing the bandwidth that's available after the other processes. The majority of apps can't support multiplayer/VoIP on 2.5mbit - usually 20mbit is required for those types of use-cases.

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