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SteamUi.dll missing


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Dear all,


yesterday i recieved my HTC Vive, I was trying to install the setup, but

it always cancels the process with the error "Critical Failure SteamUi.dll" missing. Steam runs smoothly and the "SteamUi.dll file is within 

the Steam Folder. Steam VR works finde as well. I already tried to delete and replace it, the error occures still. I used the search , but couldn`t find a related topic to my issue, sorry 

If I overlooked it.

Best regards


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I am getting the same error. It appears that the Vive Setup is trying to install steam, but it is already installed. The directory structure is correct as far as where steam is installed. Steam when running crashes when Vive setup tries to reinstall it. The installer still fails with the same error if Steam is not running when the Vive setup is run. It throws the error Could'nt install Steam thereafter. Thanks for your help.

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Failed to load steamui.dll" is a common error message that occurs when attempting to launch the Steam client on Windows. This error typically means that the steamui.dll file, which is essential for the proper functioning of the Steam client, is missing or corrupt. To resolve this issue, users can try the following steps: Verify the integrity of game files Reinstall the Steam client Delete the steamui.dll file and let Steam redownload it. If none of these steps work, it may be necessary to reinstall Windows or seek assistance from Steam support.

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