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Steam VR Error 126 "HMD not found"


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Hello, I've recently got a HTC Vive. I installed the vive software and then I noticed that I only have one HDMI port in my GPU. I thought I could put the Vive's HDMI cable in and out, on the other hand with the monitors HDMI cable. When I saw the menu of Steam VR I got errors that there is no headset located. I was frustrated and just took the headset on my head and BOOM I was able to see something. I was in SteamVR Home. Later I switched to my monitor and restarted Steam VR. Since that I've never saw something inside the headset. I bought a DisplayPort adapter and had finally a free port for my headset. Well, nothing has changed. Before I start SteamVR, the light on the headset is green. After starting, it turns red although the tracking is working because I can setup my roomcalculation etc. I can't see anything inside my headset but if I look at my display, I can rotate my headset and there is shown everything. The headset and the other devices are mostly sending a signal but when the headset looses signal, everything turns grayy in the menu. Later on, I got the error 126 "HMD not found presence failed". I've also searched at the internet and nothing worked for me. The latest driver of my GPU is installed. Can someone help me? I'm very frustrated because I've spent 5 days solving this problem. Thanks.



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So a couple of things: First, make sure that you are using the HDMI cable to the GPU. You can use displayport for your monitors. Do not use an adapter. Check all your cables. Remove them and then plug them back in firmly. Go through the set up process again since you never got it fully working. When you plug you Vive in, your PC should recognize it and install drivers the first time.

Thank you,
-Jack S

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