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Wireless Adapter - both not working


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Hi there,

I have had the wireless adapters for about 3 months.  We have two systems.  About 3 or 4 days ago, we have noticed the system cutting out, black screen, then reconnecting.  Now, one of the two won't even connect anymore.  The wireless software on the PC keeps saying it can't find the headset, but the adapter does say it has power with a solid green light.   Both systems are having the exact same issue pretty well.  I have updated the geforce drives and windows.  

Anyone else having these issues?



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having same issue and tried recommendations by Vive. I connected headset to cable again and it worked fine. So I know for a fact its the wireless setup. The unit is only a month or two old. would love a solution or someone to talk to so I can get this resolved.

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