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Cosmos cables


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@Nemmy1234 - the cable is about 4.67m (~184 inches) from the linkbox to the cable guide at the back of the headband, and then another ~.25 meter or so from where the cable meets the headstrap to where it actually plugs into the HMD.

Much like the Vive Pro and other current gen headsets - aftermarket extensions are not something that falls within our primary scope of support due to the specifications and constraints of the Displayport 1.X protocol. Displayport 1.x has length restrictions (which are mediated by bandwidth and latency). Extensions will fall into  "mod" territory - advanced users will likely be able to find solutions for some use cases but overall it's not within the offical scope of support. Consumer HMD's push Displayport to the spec's limits.

Our product teams are still finalizing some of the details on the Cosmos wireless attach kit - more info on that will come very soon.

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