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[Feature] Intro of Direct Preview from 3.1.1 Beta

Tony PH Lin

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To All,

Here is the video clip to introduce the new feature of Direct Preview to speed up the development on Vive Focus/Focus+.

We've heard your pain points to spend much time to build and install apk for verifications every time during development stage. Directly preview your content inside HMD via Wi-Fi  to allow you add, modify, or remove your objects in editor on the fly.

Please take a try with Unity support version and let us know your comments.

Unreal version will be ready soon on next release.



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Hi @GregLux,

Which SDK version are you trying? Is it 3.2?

Currently in Wave SDK 3.2, we support Direct Preview with legacy plugin.

For the XR plugin support, it's under development and will be included in next release.

Will keep you posted once we confirm the next release schedule.


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