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VR video player for 3rd party developers


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Feel free to build your own video streaming applications with DeoVR player. It's open for 3rd party developers and could be whitelabled for your purposes. It could be simply integrated on your website.

It comes in both entities: Deo WebVR - website player and DeoVR native VR player.

It outperforms in playback and user interface any other such product. And is chosen to stream hundreds of hours of VR videos daily.

Make sure to add integration with native DeoVR player that allows you to launch videos from the website directly in the player outside of VR browser. You simply add a link "Open in DeoVR" on you website and the video is streamed in much better quality in native app that overcomes limitations of WebVR.

The player is integrated with advanced streaming and CDN infrastructure. It needs a single video in the highest resolution and bitrate as an input. Then it's encoded in 30 different formats to match the highest specs of every single headset and low latency streaming. You can also whitelable both players.

Mail support@deovr.com for details.

It should be released on VivePort shorty

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