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After reading countless books on the mind, I will design a virtual reality similar to the HTC VIVE PRO to help reprogram our minds/brain. Based on the universal Law of Attraction, in order for us to truly manifest our wants and desires in life, we have to have the ability to visualize it meaning with our senses. Our subconscious mind doesn’t have the ability to reject a thought, so with repetition our brain will recognize the new normal and start changing to attract what the person desires. It takes 21 days to form a new habit of thinking regardless of what it is so the power of repetition is key. The virtual reality will consist of twelve, 30 day sessions for approximately 25 mins a day. For example, the first session would be freedom of time! So many people are too wrapped up in their busy lives with work, projects, school etc and often I hear people wish for financial freedom to do anything they desire with their time. So the virtual reality would have live visuals of a person walking on a beach with crystal blue water and beautiful white sand. You can hear the ocean waves softly in the background along with soft binaural beats that’s been proven to uplift positive energy such as 432 hz frequency music. There will be a soft voice saying an affirmation such as I am happy and grateful to now have financial freedom to do anything I want with my time. So the virtual reality will give your the visualization of what you want, you will hear the sounds and visualize as if you already have it. With the same thoughts /feelings for 30 days, a person will start to shift their way of thinking to attract what they want. This can do done with love, energy, weight loss, freedom, money and the list is endless. We need to see things to believe and with the power of repetition, we can change everyone’s life for the better! 

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@Terrence Campbell - This app sounds super achievable today using current headset and game engine technology. If you have the means, I'd recommend trying to start to prototype it out via Unity/UE4. There is a handful of companies trying to launch similar types of self-improvement VR apps but that crowd is small compared to gaming - one example is NewPathVR. Overall, there is definitely some level of consumer demand for this - it's hard to say how that market will play out this early on.

I think the most important part about all of this type of stuff is to be very careful about what claims you make in your marketing and advertising - the FDA/FTC can come down pretty heavy on you for making health claims without the proper evidence & processes.

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