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How to grab an object with the VIVE focus plus controller


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Hi @3dsolution,

I think you're asking the behavior of “grab” like “drag”.

 The “drag” is: pointing to an object, pressing the Touchpad key over 0.2s then the object can be dragged.

The sample code is under SDK package “Assets/Samples/ControllerInputModule_Test/”.

So the “grab” behavior will be like: pointing to an object, pressing the Grab key over 0.2s.

BUT the Focus+ controller does NOT have the Grab key, you can use the Trigger key instead. 

If you'd like to design the “Real Grab”, you have to implement the 3D hand model inside content.

When the 3D hand model “collides” the object, press the Trigger key to grab the object.

Hope this is helpful.


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