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Is audio mixer necessary for VIVE 3DSP audio source?

James Bond

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I have tried vive 3dsp, resonance audio and oculus audio for a while. In both resonance audio and oculus audio, the SDK specialized audio mixer  is required in the audio source. As far as I know, vive 3dsp audio source does not require its own audio mixer. Is there anything that I don't find in your document? Would it be better if I also put the audio mixer anyway?


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Hi James,

You are right. For using VIVE 3DSP audio source, it does not require audio mixer to generate spatial audio. We don't design the VIVE 3DSP specific audio mixer for audio source. It would not gain any benefit for VIVE 3DSP audio source if you set the audio mixer.

The VIVE 3DsP audio source is designed without audio mixer because it is easier for developers to set spatializer effect. No additional step is needed except selecting VIVE 3DSP audio source in the same object with unity audio source. It would make your work easier and prevent any surprises if you forget to select the audio mixer.

Hope that you would be happy with VIVE 3DSP SDK. Thank you.




Best regards,

Prof. 3D Sound

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