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YouTube 360 or 3D videos


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Brand new to Vive (love it) but I'm experiencing a frustration I am hoping the community of Vive owners can assist with. Please read carefully before replying, as I've tried many things suggested on the 'net.

In short, I want to be able to go on YouTube and watch 360 degree and/or 3D video with my Vive. 

First, my problems with 360 degree video:

  • I have downloaded a plethora of "video players" for Vive but they all just let me surf to YouTube on a 2D screen (in a 3D immersed environment) and play the video there. Even clicking "Full screen" only stretches it to the confines of the 2d "screen'
  • Downloading the video with a YouTube downloader and playing it as a local video file with any of the players simply stretches a single 2D perspective all the way around (360 degrees), rather than playing the full video 360 degrees and letting me look around it.
  • The most luck I've had is with the YouTube VR app which has no button labels on anything, doesn't let me backspace while typing a search, and is just generally buggy.
  • Most 360 videos I get working are not in 3D, which kind of kills the immersion for me. I'm especially interested in music videos like "Show it 2 me" which I have downloaded via the Steam Store, but I don't know where to get more experiences like this!

.. which brings me to my problems with 3d:

  • I fully understand that a single video has to somehow contain left-eye & right-eye images in a single video and that there are different ways to accomplish this
  • I don't know the correct terminology, but there seems to be the whole colour-filtered way, stacking the two eye-views above & below each other, and stacking the views next to one another
  • What I haven't found is a way to CONSUME this content, switch between those 3 schemes, and experience 3d from ONLINE STREAMED content

If I want to have downloaded local files, I've been led to believe this would be easier for me, but that seems strange that I can't do the same things with streamed content.

This seems so "do-able" that I'm hoping I'm just missing something. Help?

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Also, I am aware of Virtual Desktop, which claims to be able to play YouTube 360 videos natively.  I have two concerns before buying it:

  1. That it actually does so , testimony from people who have done it
  2. That I cannot accomplish this with any other free player.  I say this because $17 CDN to buy MOST of what Virtual Desktop does isn't worth it to me; the whole 2D-screen in a 3D environment thing has been done and I have a zillion free apps that do it. 

I just don't want to have buyers regret either because it isn't as advertised (doesn't do YouTube well) or I find out later some free app did this wonderfully.

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