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Scanning not working


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So for some reason the Cosmos decided to stop tracking properly so I went through the setup again, Went onto the room scanning section, Why even have this ? Anyway it keeps saying my room is too dark and there are not enough things to scan, I honestly don't know how much brighter I can get my room, I have the main light and 2 x side lamps which I brought in, The room is now lit up like a stadium but the software keeps telling me it's too dark and no matter how many times I scan around the room it never goes over 30%.

I'm seriously losing patience with this thing, For £700 this thing should be perfect straight out of the box.

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It updated yesterday but it really did nothing, I tried looking directly at one of my extremely bright lamps and it still said it was in a dark environment, If HTC don't sort this out in the next day or 2 through an update it's going back for a refund, This product should've been delayed by a few months, This is unacceptable for something that costs £700 and is outclassed by the Rift S that costs nearly half.

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