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Anyone go from Pro to Pro Eye? Worth it?


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Considering moving to the Pro Eye from a Pro. Plan on selling the current setup and put it towards the new, so considering I'm not paying the (absurd) full price for Eye, did any of you who moved from one to the other think it's worth it in terms of the technical improvement? Thanks.

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@VROne - Aside from the eye-tracking, they're both the same base-headset. We strongly recommend against consumers purchase the Pro Eye - it's an enterprise focused headset and almost all pieces content that you'd be launching as a consumer do not have the SDK's integrated required to drive foveated rendering or VRS. Previously, it could cost upto $6000 to modify a OG Vive with aftermarket eye tracking to drive foveation, the Pro eye reduces that cost dramatically while also providing an integrated solution. Eye-tracking is still not in the realm of consumer VR - there's still work to be done in the backend tech stack as well as in the front end legal and privacy framework and our implementation is currently geared towards enterprise use-cases and developers.

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