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Why is the Cosmos £300 more than the Rift S ?


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I've had the Cosmos now since launch day and I'm struggling to see why it costs £300 more than the Rift S, I could see maybe £100 for the decent headphones and slight resolution bump but I'm struggling to find anything else, Any chance someone at HTC could clarify ? Also why did you choose lenses with such a tiny sweetspot ?

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Theres no reason. HTC hasnt even had to buy lighthouses from Valve this time round and they still charged the same as they did for the original Vive. It's called "cash grab" and "corporate greed"...mind you VR is the only thing HTC does anymore isnt it? The Focus was a flop, the Vive Pro was a hard sell, and they obviously underestimated the market when they first demoed the unit...a very VERY hasty redesign and rush to market before properly testing hardware or software and here we are today with an inferior product that really isnt worthy of the Vive name.

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I have a Rift cv1 w/2x sensors and  pre-ordered a Rift S which I ended up returning for a refund.  This was mainly because of no IPD adjustment, poor audio, and touch controller grip/trigger lag. 

The main advantages of my pre-ordered Cosmos over the Rift S imho are; better screen resolution/clarity, mechanical IPD adjustment, and better in-built headphones.  Also, the Cosmos has a modular design so it may be a bit more future-proof (if that's ever really possible, lol!).  Currently the Cosmos tracking is pretty poor, maybe even worse than the early Rift S, but hopefully this will get sorted out soon.

Also, the Rift S controllers are a bit on the cheap side quality wise, but at least they are compatible with the original Rift cv1 touch controllers.  The Cosmos controllers are still not compatible with most SteamVR games and even many so-called Cosmos Ready Viveport games.  Revive still does not work very well as wll.  Again, hopefully Vive and game developers will rectify this soon.

So, really up to you to decide.  I did not think that the Rift S was a good upgrade to my Rift cv1 w/2x sensors but I'm still optimistic that the Cosmos will be.  It certainly has made it's mark with all my current Flight and Racing Sims  Time will tell I guess.

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