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Idea for the VR Live social


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Hi HTC VIVE development team.

After reading your introduction about the HTC Vive Cosmos, I have an idea want to share with all you. I'm imagining about a VR live social in the  future. 

we have a social (like facebook, youtube....) that all user can use the VR device share  their live view work, their live view travel scence, their action....... to other people ( like Instant Transmission), because we can not go to everywhere, we dont have enough money to travel. If we have an ecosystem for VR sharing, we can connect all user base on 5G (the fifth generation of mobile networks). In this social, If I share my live view, other users want to view with me, they must pay  money ( like  youtuber). It will be create a new generation of VRers and we can go to everywhere in the world with a cheaper fee. or it's also can help  the big company in  conference video call. or something like this.

This is my suddenly idea want to share, I hope that it can be an idea for you in the future.

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