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Vive not working when connected to display port


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Few days ago I bought MiniDP to DP cable in order to free up only hdmi port I have on my GPU (GTX 1060). Until now vive was working just fine via hdmi cable, but after switching the cables SteamVR reports that googles are disconnected (error 208) and I dont seem to be able to fix it on my own. What I've already tried:

- Reconnecting LinkBox PC cables
- Reconnecting Headset cables
- Reinstalling Nvidia Drivers
- Reinstalling USB devices
- Reinstalling whole viveport+drivers thingy
- Rebooting PC
- Keeping linkbox completly unplugged for couple of minutes

Additional note: After plugging in TV into hdmi and setting it as duplicate of 1st screen, error has changed to 212. Looks like steamVR thinks tv is a headset now. 

Any help?

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Have you tried connecting Vive to HDMI and attaching your monitors via displayport? Sometimes adapters don't work particularly well with Vive and it's best to try to use as few "extra steps" as possible. What was the specific cable brand/model you bought for that purpose?

Thank you,

-Jack S

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hello @Synthesis
It might have turned out that the miniDP to DP cable I bought (pretty sure it was generic cable with no brand) is unidirectional. No note on it on package itself, but noticed the note on the page where I bought it.
I had (and still have) no clue that digital cables like this could work in only one direction. Still, I have no means to test it whether its true or not, since I do not have any device with miniDP output nor screen with DP input. 

Next cable I'm about to buy and test in few days is Delock brand, but just to be sure I've asked the store if it'll work with linkbox or not before making the purchase.

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