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In Room Setup, when the step to move the floor to the ground begins, the view gets tilted, either to left or right, depending on which wall I was facing during the previous step. I tried re-running the Room Setup and reinstalling all Vive software, but I can't get the view back to normal again. This is what it looks like now when I'm standing up straight. Is there anything I can do to return it to the way it was when I first set it up? It worked fine for a while.



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Hey @wandaweb,

Thanks for sharing your issue and sorry you're experiencing this. Let me help you fix this.

  • Could you confirm with us what VIVE headset you're using? 
  • Did you recently add a mirror/reflective surface or change your lighting environment in your play area?
  • If you haven't yet, please also submit your issue through here: https://www.vive.com/us/support/contactus/

Let me know the answers to the first two when you can.



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Hey Steve,

Thanks for the speedy response! Luckily, I was able to solve this and my headset is working perfectly again. I'll answer the questions, just in case it's useful to you guys or anyone else.
I'm using Cosmos.
I haven't changed anything in my room, but it was the first time I did the room setup in the evening, so maybe the change in lighting caused some problems. I have a glass door, but it's not causing issues during the day.
Somehow, the setup still didn't work when I tried it in daylight, but I ended up just deleting all files created for the headset (literally everything I found, not just stuff that the uninstaller removed), and after that I got the "slow" room setup again, which worked.

Very happy to be playing again!


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Ah love your determination and tenacity in resolving this! Thanks for finding and sharing your quick fix. We are aware that lighting conditions can affect tracking and will be pushing ongoing software updates to improve this. 

Your case is the first I've seen so I'll submit this to our internal team to address and fix for future updates. If you have the time, could you help us submit an issue report through your VIVE Console? This will collect your logs and allow our engineering team to pinpoint the issue and prepare a fix for a future update.


Thank you again!



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