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Vive Pro headset Mic mutes and can't be turned back on


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We are seeing a weird situation whereby, the headset mic on the vive pro gets muted (we are not sure how) and can't be un-muted by pressing the headset mute button.

The only fix seems to be to go to windows sound settings and run the microphone troubleshooter against the vive pro headset mic, which reports that it has sucessfully fixed a muted mic issue.

Unfortunately, the Admin password is needed to run the Mic Troubleshooter tool - which I don't want my users to have...

Anyone seen this, any ideas what causes it (I don't think it is pressing the mic mute button on the headset accidentally), and how it can be fixed as a non-admin user?

Thanks for any help on this.



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I get this occasionally.

Have you tried clicking on the the sounds icon on the task bar, then selecting the microphone tab?

Oh, and try to switch on headset before switching on PC.

These things tend to sort any sound issues with the vive pro for me.

I should point out that I have a PCI soundcard installed as well. It's disabled in device manager when I use VR.


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It's all still a bit of an unknown - we don't know what causes the mic to go mute and not be able to be turned back on again.

But we do know that pressing the volume buttons on the Vive Pro LH earpiece can also mute the mic for some strange reason which is a bit worrying - it seems like all the buttons are a bit flaky causing odd behaviour.

My best hope when it happens again is that maybe in the depths of the old Control Panel's Microphone properties/recordings/levels there is a mute button that the user may be able to mute/un-mute the VR headset mic without the need to run the trouble shooter as administrator.

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