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[UE4] Player movement with controller

MDV Games

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Hi, guys.

I want to make a movement in VR World together with controller. 

Movement works is well, but controller stay in place and don't move. How can I attach a controller to the Pawn for move together?

I used Unreal Engine 4.22 (SDK 3.1.4).

Vive Focus.



Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

@Tony PH Lin, @Cotta

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Hi @MDV Games

We're not quite sure about the exact condition you're handling. Suggest to read the online docs of Teleport first. You should apply the Pawn position to the controller so it follows the head movement.

Another page is about 3DoF controller. You may try this option "Follow HMD" and see if it's what you want. Since there is no exact position info of the 3DoF controller, you'll see controller follows the HMD even when you put it on a table, if this option is checked.

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